Webdis, the Redis Web Administration Tool.

Built for developers, by developers

Webdis is like a web gui, but for Redis

We've created Webdis to be the perfect thing to use when dealing with a Redis database. Crafted from the best tools, we've made sure that Webdis does everything you'd want it to, and nothing you don't.

With Webdis, you can run commands, view your keys, and their values, an much more.

  • Easy Setup
  • Blazing Fast
  • Works With Passwords
  • Built In Command Runner
  • Support For PHPRedis PHP Extention
  • Works Without Extension, using predis/predis Composer Package.

View Webdis perfectly, day or night, desktop or mobile.

Yeah, we did that.

We've made sure to optimize Webdis for both Mobile and Desktop, and have created a dark and light mode, which can be changed instantly through Webdis. Webdis even can be installed your homescreen, which allows you to use Webdis like you'd use mobile app, or desktop app, thank's to Google Chrome and Safari's ability to do that. Just make sure that Webdis can access the Redis server you want.

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